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See below statement from Arpas-Uk to which we are members, in relation to the publicised incident involving the misuse of an amateur drone. If you are a venue, wedding/event organiser or have any requirement to hire Aerial Services, the operator must be fully qualified, insured and hold a 'Permission for Aerial Work' (PFAW) issued by the  Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), otherwise they are flying illegally and will be subject to investigation and subsequent prosecution. 
We of course are fully qualified (BNUC-S) with the leading independent approval specialist EuroUSC, hold a valid CAA PFAW and have £5m Public Liability insurance in place, so do contact us to discuss how we can safely take your project, event or business to a higher level!


It is with concern that ARPAS-UK notes today’s reported incident involving the apparent misuse of a drone at Heathrow which was believed to have resulted in a collision with an aircraft on approach to the airport. Chairman Craig Lippett said “ If proved correct, this irresponsible activity undermines the high level of professional operations I see every day by commercial operators who hold UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Permissions for Aerial Work (PFAW). ARPAS operators pride themselves on a consistently high standard of safety when operating in the UK, attained through comprehensive training and assessment and continuing development of their profession. This is the second safety related drone incident in a week, neither of which has, luckily, had serious consequences. However, it underlines the need for a far greater level of awareness amongst leisure users of drones, achieved through a range of education initiatives.”
ARPAS-UK is working closely with CAA, DfT, NATS and other professional bodies to develop and agree actions for safe drone operations, and will be discussing with partners how this process can now be accelerated.

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