Why invest in a professional Photographer/Video for your wedding?


Seldom is there ever an incredibly beautiful photograph/ scene that has happened completely by accident. A professional is trained to locate beauty and record extraordinary occurrences. The recent move to a relaxed documentary approach also has its merits, however the determining factor is the ability to fuse this with creative artistry, thus capturing every facet of your day. 



Look for a good track record; ask to view a selection of recent weddings in their entirety from bridal preparation to late evening, in summer & winter.



Ask yourself; will I be comfortable with my Photographer/ Videographer all day? Building relationships is vital, so your 'dream day' is reflected in the imagery/ footage. Being sensitive to your needs, having an approachable manner and of course a sense of humour are also key attributes.



Ask to see credentials (MPA/BIPP, SWPP), Permissions For Aerial Work (if flying a Drone) via the Civil Aviation Authority is vital, as is Public Liability Insurance and Criminal Record checks. Your wedding is a dream 'one off' event &  far too important for a novice or well meaning friend! They will of course have plenty of opportunities to snap away as a guest.



Back up Photographers/ Videographers & equipment are essential. Being let down at the final hour or even on the day is not a good start to the most important day of your life, and not the memory you want to be left with. After all, it's too late after the day to have any regrets.

Your photographs/ footage will become a treasured family heirloom for future generations to enjoy, so choosing the right professional is one of the best investments you can make, after all you only get one shot!

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