Drone Training

Drone Training
Drone Training
Drone Training
Drone Training
Drone Training

With the evolution of  Drone technology beyond the military, many  recreational & business opportunities  are now available to photographers & film makers. Why not take advantage of our in-house training modules setting your professional or amateur passion on the right path to greater & safer heights!

Our Modules are designed for both recreational users or those seeking Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Permissions for Commercial Operation (PfCO). The latter 'permission's are mandatory for all Drone Pilots wishing to gain 'valuable consideration of the promise there of'. In essence if you wish to be remunerated/ paid, you need a PfCO.

  • MODULE 1. 'Try Before You Buy' & Fundamentals of Flying Safely (for amateurs & aspiring professionals). Try out a number of Drones & learn how to fly safely, whether recreationally or towards CAA Approval.


  • MODULE 2. Pre-Flight assessment (if you already have flight experience) in readiness for your flight operations examination towards PfCO
    • Flight Assessment-- Hints & Tips to improve control & skills
    • Safety Assessment
    • Operational Procedures
    • Most Importantly it Includes input on your Operations Manual, saving valuable time & research.

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